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Rent Oz.

Oz. is a unique location to organize your meetings and presentations. Not only because it is situated close to Amsterdam Central Station, plenty of parking facilities and a ton of nice restaurants, but also because Oz. is housed in a beautiful building in the middle of the world famous Red Light District.


When you organize a meeting in Oz., you will find a space equiped with all the facilities you could wish for: fast internet through wifi, professional beamer, professional sound system, coffee, tea and a variety of lunch options. Our meeting space is suitable for groups with a maximum of 12 people.


Oz. is a great place to host presentations for groups of up to 30 people. For presentations the same facilities apply as for meetings: fast wifi internet, professional beamer, professional sound system, coffee, tea and lunch options.

Creative sessions

If you want to appoint a group of creative thinkers to participate in a brainstorm or creative session, Oz. offers a varried team of specialists in the fields of communication, web, apps, product design and film. Besides these disciplines from the people who are the founders of Oz., there is a big network of creatives we can involve in specific projects.