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Oz. session with Wolfgang Voigt - KOMPAKT


Wolfgang Voigt tells about 20 years of KOMPAKT, the KOMPAKT DJ showcases and Pop-up Store at Oz. during Amsterdam Dance Event, the KOMPAKT meets Oz. record and then some more. Sit tight for a giant wave of information, brought to you in 6 minutes!

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Oz. session with Joncquil de Vries


Dutch artist Joncquil de Vries talks about his project 60 Ways to hold a rope, his view on inspiration, dealing with influences, working with different media and how his work is being interpreted by the public.

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Oz. session with Chad Moore & Pete Voelker


American photographers Chad Moore and Pete Voelker talk about Hurry Up & Wait (their show at Oz.), their backgrounds, their approach, their ideas and their New York lives. What cameras do they use, where do they find their models and what's next? Find out in this Oz. session.

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