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Expeditie Alfabet - Mister Adam & Frits Jonker


There's crazy alphabets. And then there are Alphabet Crazies. Mister Adam and Frits Jonker belong to the latter. They've been toying around with letters, exchanging sketches, loving some characters, loathing others. For over a year Adam and Frits have drawn alphabets and inspired eachother along the way.

Their project deals with alphabets as images, not as typefaces or other forms of typography. In the exhibition Expeditie Alfabet they show their process from sketches, sidenotes, mistakes, errors, drawings to complete alphabetical images and eventually colored posters. If all goes well there will also be a zine with some higs and lows. Come join us for the opening of Expeditie Alfabet and enjoy torrents of alphabets, fine tunes and tasty beers!

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