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kompade2017 01

KOMPAKT meets Oz. part 5


From 18 until 21 October we are very proud to celebrate the 5th edition of KOMPAKT meets Oz.!!! Our favorite record label and the nicest people in the music industry are coming to Oz. again! At this year's Amsterdam Dance Event Kompakt brings exclusive vinyl ready to be checked out in the mobile pop up version of their Cologne record shop. Plus daily DJ & live showcases representing the Kompakt spirit over the course of four nights.

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expeditie alfabet2

Expeditie Alfabet - Mister Adam & Frits Jonker


There's crazy alphabets. And then there are Alphabet Crazies. Mister Adam and Frits Jonker belong to the latter. They've been toying around with letters, exchanging sketches, loving some characters, loathing others. For over a year Adam and Frits have drawn alphabets and inspired eachother along the way.

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daniel web

Daniel Roozendaal


We are happy to announce a upcoming exhibition at Oz. from Daniël Roozendaal. This Utrecht born, raised and based visual artist succesfully graduated in 2009 with a BFA in Illustration. More information about Daniël and his upcoming exhibition is coming soon!

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