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'Wood Sculptures' by Merijn Hos


Stickit presents ‘Wood Sculptures by Merijn Hos’, a new publication by illustrator and visual artist Merijn Hos. To celebrate the release of this publication, Merijn will build an installation with a bright collection of Wood Sculptures. 

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'Swendel' by Kim David Bots


'Swendel' is the title of the new book by artist Kim David Bots, published by 'Jordskred', the independent publishing platform by artist Louis Reith. The book tells the story of Arthur Swendel Jr., an obscure science fiction writer who, during a walk after an intense storm, does a peculiar find.

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'Are we strangers now?' by Alex Simpson


Alex Simpson is an artist currently in two halves. This exhibition of new painting, ceramic, print and sound is an exploration of this liminal space; a journey between two points; a happening placed at the very centre of their collision. In her work Simpson

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